Honey Badger

Honey Badgers, the raccoons of the savannah; adept, intelligent, fearless, ferocious with a never give up attitude (South Africa's National Defense Force calls its armored personnel carriers ratels, the Afrikaans word for these beasts). Their scientific name Mellivora capensis means "honey eater of the Cape", it refers to their well-known liking for bee brood and the place where they were first described, The Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Despite their name, they are related to the weasel family and have skunk-like protection. See the documentary PBS Nature's Honey Badgers—Masters of Mayhem and starting at the 33rd minute in the movie, The Gods Must be Crazy II. In spite of their ferocious attitude, it is hard not to feel affection for these brave, courageous animals—the Honey Badger will take on lions, jackals, hyenas and can sleep off a deadly snake bite. As for porcupines, they are completely ignored.