1963 North-East Stampex Red Cross Omitted Stamp

1963 North-East Stampex

1963 North-East Stampex

Old Assembly Rooms – Newcastle – September 19, 20, 21 1963

On September 19, 1963, I was in line outside Newcastle Old Assembly Rooms on Westgate Rd waiting eagerly for the NE Stampex to open. I had ten shillings (old money) burning a hole in my pocket.

Central Post Office St. Nicholas’ St

Inside the door, a table was set up and there were at least two full sheets of the 3d. Red Cross Centenary Congress stamp with the red omitted. They had been bought at Newcastle Central Post Office, on St Nicholas’ St, the day before and were being sold, limit one per visitor, at ten shillings each. This is all I had saved up and I couldn’t justify spending it all on one stamp. The next day they were charging £1 each and it was too late for me. That stamp, GB 1963 SG642a Mint Red omitted, is currently valued on Stanley Gibbons at £18,750.00.

As much as I regret not making that purchase, imagine how much the owner of those sheets must regret it? He must have assumed they were a common error; of course, they were not.

One thought on “1963 North-East Stampex Red Cross Omitted Stamp”

  1. Dear Dave,
    Thanks for sharing the “Missing Cross” story. I co-edit a catalogue of stamp exhibition souvenir sheets and would love to include your story in the fifth and possibly last edition, which I’m calling the “Pandemic Edition”, so named because I can’t see elderly stamp collectors flocking back to stamp fairs in a hurry. If you have any ephemera from the event (entrance tickets, catalogues, etc.), I would love to see them.

    Also, I don’t suppose you can tell me who organised North East Stampex; possibilities are NEPA, Newcastle upon Tyne Philatelic Society, or even the organisers of Stampex (then the PTA and JPS)?

    If I had been lucky enough to buy a Missing Cross stamp in 1963, at the age of 8, I confidently predict it would have been sold in the mid-seventies to fund my “misspent youth”. If only we had 20-20 hindsight!

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