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Grandma’s 90th
Best pictures
Canon EOS 5D Mk II

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

21.1 megapixel, full-frame and 1080p full motion video - Wow!

This is the camera that I use the most. I also have an EOS 5D Mark I, an EOS 10D and I started Digital SLR with the D30 when it first came out. My first SLR was an Olympus OM2 which I bought in Singapore when I worked in the Far East. I also had a complete lab and did all of my own processing. I am in the process of digitizing all of my negatives.


I have two flash units a 550ex and a 580ex ...
Canon 550ex flash
... and also use a Sekonic L-558R light meter
Sekonic L-558R Lightmeter

Canon EOS 24-70mm Zoom
Most used equipment

This is my favorite lens - EOS 24-70mm Zoom
I use this a lot for shooting in low light i.e. streets at night or indoors without a flash
EOS 50mm f1.4
This is great for portraits
Canon EOS 85mm
This too is great for portraits or at parties
Canon EOS 100mm
Canon EOS 100-400mm zoom
Zoom lenses for animal and racing pictures

This is my favorite zoom lens - EOS 100-400 mm.
Which I often use with a 2x extender ...
Canon 2x extender
... or a 1.4x extender
Canon 1.4x extender
Here’s my latest camera for experimenting with Light-Field photography—a Lytro 16GB.
Lytro camera 16GB in graphite
... and Dave’s Raspberry Pi to control it.